Recommended Tutors

Finding it hard to find a local face-to-face tutor that is available in your area? With our busy lifestyles It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable tutor near your home address that is available when your children are. Travelling to and from a tutoring location can be time consuming, inconvenient and at times expensive.

An online tutor remedies these problems. It is easier to find times that are mutually convenient. As you are not bound by geography you can choose from a multitude of tutors from all around the country. You can ensure that the tutor has specific experience in the subjects and exam boards required.

Here is a list of tutors with a lot of experience and successful track records:


Nigel Straney is a qualified Chemistry Teacher (19 years in schools), highly experienced Chemistry Tutor (over 18,000 hours of private tuition delivered, 6,000 of those as an Online Chemistry Tutor) and a current A-level Examiner.
He is an extremely successful and highly prepared teacher/tutor, currently offering Syllabus Specific tuition for the following exam boards:  AQA, CIE, Edexcel, OCR A and IB He also offers an A-level Chemistry video course for each exam board. 
Please see his website for further details by clicking on the picture.  


Matthew Barnes has degrees in zoology, entomology and tropical agriculture from Oxford, London and Reading Universities. A private biology tutor in Oxford since 1989, and now a biology tutor online worldwide. Matthew’s experience of tutoring for the A-levels and GCSEs set by all the UK examination boards has given him an unparalleled range of experience of the problems likely to be encountered by students preparing for British public examinations anywhere in the world. Click on the picture to go to Matthew’s website.


Christoph Boes is a very experienced Tutor with a Masters Degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry, he offer private Chemistry tuition at your home in the Leicester, Northampton area and is willing to travel to Rugby, Lutterworth, Daventry, Kettering, Northampton and Leicester. He also offers one-to-one online-tuition to any location in the world. Click on the photo to go to Christoph’s website.


Sarina Mann provides English tuition both face-to-face and online. She services a similar geographical area to Christoph above. She is educated to Masters Degree and trained as a tutor at University. Please click on her picture to go to her website.

For anything else: