Frequently asked Questions and Fees

Have you had a CRB or DBS Check?

Child safety is my number one priority as both a teacher and parent. Yes, I do have an CRB/DBS check. It is updated annually.

How long are the lessons?

1 hour is the optimum amount. Any more and concentration wanes, any less and it wouldn’t be enough time to complete a topic and have some time for practice questions.

How much does a lesson cost?

I am very confident that the physics tuition will lead to excellent results. If you do not wish to continue with the tuition after the first session then I will refund the cost of that session immediately.

How can a lesson be delivered online?

The lesson format is similar to a normal tutoring session except if anything it is more interactive and the student is more at the centre of the learning experience. The student and teacher can both write on an interactive whiteboard and the teacher can use a range of resources to get the concepts across to the student.

What equipment do I need for online tuition?

A laptop, computer or tablet with a microphone and speakers. The majority of computers come with these as standard.  The student can use a headset but this isn’t necessary and  I don’t use one. A webcam is useful if you would like the lesson to feel more face to face but this isn’t necessary as we can communicate just through voice.  

I am worried about the technical aspects of online tutoring and think it may be too hard to manage.

Don’t worry. I will guide you through the process. It is really straight forward. I have always found that students have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to get things started.  I will send an email of exactly what you need to do and I usually factor in a 10 -15 extra minutes in the first session to work through any technical issues.

When are lessons available?

Get in touch and let me know when you need the sessions. if I don’t have availability I can put you on my waiting list or recommend other quality physics tutors.

How often should my son/daughter have an online lesson?

Once a week is typical but there is no hard and fast rule here. It is common for tutees to increase the frequency of lessons nearer to important exams. Several of my students have had two or even three sessions per week.

What method do you use to communicate with your students?

Zoom is an excellent video conferencing tool. It is free to use and tends to have a more stable internet connection than Skype. I will explain how it works and what you need to do prior to the first lesson. It is really straight forward.

What age range do you offer lessons to?

I have had all my training as a secondary school teacher and would be happy teaching anyone from Y7-Y13. I have extensive experience of Y7-Y9 Science, Y7-13 Physics ( KS3- SATs or Common Entrance, KS4- GCSE or IGCSE, KS5- A Level). I have found that all age groups adapt very quickly to this new teaching method. Younger people tend to enjoy it more than a traditional face to face lessson.

Can you guarantee a particular grade?

Regrettably no. There are no guarantees in life. I can say that over the years  I have had a massive impact and seen students initially struggling to get a bare pass grade go on to achieve the highest level of achievement. I have also helped really motivated students go from an A to A* ( level 7 to a level 8 or 9).

Do you help with exam technique?

This is a big part of what I do. I have been a physics teacher for many years now and have authored books, exam practice papers and worked as an examiner with the largest UK exam board for several years. I will help tutees become confident in the subject specific keywords and concepts then help them apply them to increasingly more demanding questions. I will spend a lot of time on exam practice questions with students and this will help them fine tune their technique.

Why have online tutoring rather than a face-to-face tutor in your home ?

The modern world is a very busy place for both parents and their children. Traveling to and from a tutor’s location or vice versa could be very inconvenient and time-consuming for both parties. Since Covid-19, most pupils/students have experienced live online learning and seen that it is actually more effective than face-to-face tuition when delivered by an experienced competent tutor.

I would be interested in taking the class with a group of friends, is this possible?

Scroll up to see pricing options for group tuition. Please get in touch through the contact page and I would be glad to discuss this further.

How do  I make a payment?

I can provide you with bank details to make a bank transfer. Some international customers prefer to pay via Paypal. Payments can be made on a lesson by lesson basis preferably in advance.

Can I make cancellations?

I endeavour to be reasonable. I have children myself so understand that commitments can suddenly become impossible. I will reschedule were possible and would avoid charging cancellation fees where reasonable.