Sam is an amazing tutor who has immensely helped both my children progress in Physics. They were both struggling with the subject and were not enjoying school lessons, but Sam has turned that around completely by expanding their understanding of the subject and giving the them the confidence to tackle any question.

Sam has a great mannerism and his cool and calm approach made the children feel at ease with him. They have always felt they can ask him questions and he is encouraging even when they have needed extra guidance.

His teaching methods are varied and engaging, with the use of Bitpaper/whiteboard, videos and practice questions to really ensure the children have grasped the concepts.

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who wishes to improve their grades and simultaneously develop a better understanding and enjoy the subject more.

Dr S Khalil – UK

“went from a D to an A in one month of tutoring. Can’t wait to continue and see my final A2 grade. Professional and very nice!

“Just got my results this morning by email at 7 am. Unit 4 – B
Unit 5 – A
Unit 6 – B
Thank you so much! 
It pushed my grade from last year (D) up and means I made the offer for my university. “

“Attached is a pic of me holding up a sign saying graduated in Dutch lol “

Jacob Van Draager- Bahrain

Sam has been fantastic in motivating and building confidence in my son ahead of his GCSE’s. Sam has been approachable, friendly, organised and responsive. He has given feedback each week and my son has really enjoyed his approach to learning. Highly recommended.

Hannah Williamson – Oxford

“Taught me throughout GCSE and A-Level in with unique and engaging lessons. Fantastic at tapping into many different learning methods that can suit people of any kind, whilst instilling drive and passion!”

Adam Cooper – Nottingham

“Sam taught me physics at GCSE and A-level and was an excellent teacher, always willing to go above and beyond to help me improve my grasp of the material. His lessons were an excellent foundation for going on to study physics at university!”

Ed Thomas – Cambridge

“Taught me A-level physics and his knowledgeable and witty lessons were so important in making me pursue physics at university. His keen interest in the subject is not only contagious but means you’ll end up learning around the subject as well! “

Josh Sibbering – Norwich

“Definitely recommend, guided me to an A* in physics A level. You can really sense the passion Sam radiates, but there’s patience too when you’re struggling to grasp a topic (special relativity for me).”

Jonah Shrive- Sheffield

“Expert tuition from a highly experienced and successful physics teacher”

Mr A Monaghan – Wellingborough

Sam was an excellent tutor and got me through my A level physics , achieving a higher grade than I anticipated. His enthusiasm for the subject certainly came across in every lesson and he always had time to help you outside of lesson time.

Jacob Windsor – Maastricht

Sam Jordan taught me A-Level Physics in high school and I could not recommend him as a tutor highly enough. I found Physics to be a very challenging subject, but Sam was extremely patient and encouraging and helped me to achieve my full potential.

Silvie McLachlan O’Hara- Edinburgh

Physics tutor taught me through my GCSE’s. Made physics interesting to learn as well as helped motivate me through my other GCSE subjects. I would highly recommend this teacher. I certainly wouldn’t have achieved as well in my exams without him.

Luke Keith- Oakham

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