Resources for Teachers

TES Resources: Content for all subjects, age ranges and ability.

Teach it Science: KS3 and KS4 content for Science.

Twinkl: paid content for KS2 to KS4 in most subjects

Save my Exams: Contains practice papers and mark schemes.

Fuse School: Quality youtube clips for maths and science

Grade Gorilla: Online graded Physics and Chemistry quizzes perfect for revision.

Seneca Learning: Online learning platform that covers all levels and subjects.

Education Using PowerPoint: PowerPoints for Science GCSE, IGCSE and A level.

Physics for You: Resources for GCSE physics.

Keith Taggart Powerpoints: Keith Taggart is an amazing physics teacher (now retired) he produced these brilliant powerpoints that contain keynotes, worked examples and solutions. They are excellent for students to use for revision or for teachers to teach the topics. Bear in mind that some of the syllabus references at the beginning of each presentation may now be outdated.

Equation sheets for IGCSE Edexcel Physics: Set of equation sheets per topic and a combined sheet for all of the topics. I would suggest that you print the combined sheet on A3.