What equations do I need to know for the Electricity topic in the AQA GCSE Physics Exam?

Here is a list of all the equations you need to know to achieve success in the AQA GCSE Physics exam for either separate GCSE physics only content or combined science trilogy content. This list is for the 9-1 new specification for the Electricity Topic. Teaching of this specification started in September 2016 onwards for exams in 2018 onwards.

The AQA specification code is 8463 and 8464 for Physics only and Trilogy specifications.

The Electricity and Forces Topics require the memorization of the most equations. The list also includes equations that are provided in the exam and those that require memorization as well as an indication which equations are only required for Higher Tier content.

It is a good idea to print it out and stick it somewhere where you will see it periodically. Like in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Remember that repetition is key to learning the equations. Say them out loud, write them it doesn’t matter just keep rehearsing and practising.

The lists also include guidance as to which equations don’t require memorisation and are provided in the exam. Read my other blog on strategies to learn equations. Click here. I will be publishing blogs for the other exam boards soon so keep checking in!

If you want to download a copy of this AQA Physics equation list and the other physics topics and a combined list of all equations on one sheet please click here.

If you are studying for the IGCSE Specification 4PH1 you can download the equations here

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