Exam regulator Ofqual reveal GCSE and A-level plans for schools.

Schools will be asked to provide centre assesment grades and rank students per exam entry from most to least confident for that particular grade. The grades awarded by teachers would be based on previous test data such as mock results, classwork, bookwork, class tests, oral assessment and coursework.

Schools have been requested to gather evidence to support their judgements where possible. In the current situation how that can feasibly done is another question! The need for evidence will of course vary depending on the nature of the subject.

Ofqual and the various exam boards will try to ensure that the centre assesment grades should be similar to the national results from previous years. They will be able to use statistical analysis to achieve this.

The approach based on other performance indicators may differ between independent and maintained sector schools as some schools use SATs data to inform centre assesment grades whereas other use MIDYIS or CAT4 data.

Schools will be able to check internally that their grade profile of centre assesment grades is consistent with previous years. They will be able to make use of data such as predicted grades from wholistic testing such as MIDYIS, CAT4 or SATs

The centre assesment grades will be kept confidential by schools and are not to disclosed to individual students. This is important as the final centre assesment grades provided by the school to the exam board may differ to the final grades awarded.

Ofqual confirmed that no further work from Year 11 or Year 13 is needed to determine the centre assesment grades. It has been suggested that no work submitted after 20th March should be used to determine the school’s predicted grade.

Ofqual stated schools would submit their centre assessment grades no earlier than 29th May, and have a two week window for submission. Its goal is to publish the final grades on or before the normal mid-August delivery.

Students dissapointed by their results will be able to sit the exams at the earliest possible date in the next academic year. How and when these exams will take place is still under review.

Ofqual has still not defined how grades will be awarded for home-schooled children.

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